Revolution Software

The Provider Contracts Analysis System designed to enable more profit

This is the premier web based service to enable both Physician Practices and ASC’s, across the US, to quickly analyze their payer agreements for reimbursement benchmarking and business modeling to maximize profit. Key features:

  • Rate Analysis: Benchmark reimbursement by CPT code by payer, and in aggregate, to Local Medicare Rates (Using AMA’s CPT Codes and current Medicare Rates) and to the rates of other payers in the region, state or USA.
  • Revenue Analysis: Determine revenue by payer agreement based on your CPT code mix and quickly sort by revenue or CPT code or any other field.
  • Payer Comparisons: Instantly compare payer reimbursement for any two payers or payers’ offers by CPT code and in total to determine whether or not the payer is actually providing you an offer of increase.
  • Load Payer Rates based on % Medicare or as Values: A flexible loading tool enables you to load your fee schedules as values or percentages of Medicare Rates and to choose a code or code range to specify Medicare Percentage(s) .
  • Business Modeling Functions: Model your practice to determine how shifts in payer reimbursement affect your revenue. Use our network modeler to help you make the decision of whether or not to be in a payer’s network or out of network. Use the bill charges modeler to determine if your charge master, by CPT code, is set high enough and determine how much incremental revenue can be obtained from cash paying patients.
  • Document Repository: An secure internet based place to store all of your fee schedules related to contracts in one easy to find and secure location.


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"Healthcents quickly and effectively rejuvenated our payer agreements resulting in well over $1M / year of increased commercial reveunues. Want to make more money in your practice? Call Healthcents, Inc."

Mr. Peter Scott
CEO, Hudson Valley Urology
Main Office, Poughkeepsie, New York

"Healthcents is a long standing partner of Marin Urology. They have led the renegotiations for each of our most difficult payer agreements here in California , including the Blues and United. The practice has made about $250K of annual revenue from the contracts analyzed with RevolutionSoftware and renegotiated by their team. The combination of Healthcents RevolutionSoftware + Healthcents Consulting = More Practice Profit."

James Honen
Practice Manager, Marin Urology
Greenbrae, CA

"RevolutionSoftware was used to analyze several of our key payer agreements. By putting the data and information to use, we have been able to substantially increase our revenues from in network agreements."

Mr. Mike F. Synowiec, MBA
Peninsula Urology Associates, P.A.
Salisbury, MD

"We are the largest Urology Practice in our area in Northern CA . Using RevolutionSoftware, we were able to see clearly the benefits of considering out of network agreements to drive more profit. The use of this tool and our modeling convinced us to make a major change to our business practices and agreements to generate more profit."

Ms. Cary Williamson
Practice Manager, Redding Urology
Redding, CA

"I am truly impressed with the results!"

Juannita Francis, M.D.,
Spine Center of Houston , TX

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